SUMMER VACATION (BOARDER) 08.05.2022 to 05.06.2022  School has preponed the summer vacation from 08.05.2022 to 05.06.2022 due to acute heat and sanitization of new hostels under COVID-19 guidelines by the government.  Pick up your ward on 08.05.2022 from 09:00am to 03:00pm.  Report back on 05.06.2022 by 05:00pm.  Late comer fine Rs. 1000/- per day.

INSTRUCTIONFOR BOARDERS VACATION 08.05.2022 to 05.06.2022  Report back on 05.06.2022 before 05:00pm.  Late comer fine Rs. 1000/- per day.  Get proper hair cut (Boys).  Stitched school Uniform as per school pattern.  Bata black shoes with laces.  Account section clearance slip.  No entry in boarding, Houses will be permitted without fulfilling all above mentioned instruction.

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