Welcome To Sanganbasava International Residential School & PU College

  • Our Vision

    Every child growing to his fullness, physically and intellectually, emotionally and socially aesthetically and spiritually in an atmosphere of joy, freedom and responsibility and wining his way in life.

    Our Motto

    “Empowerment Through Education”, the school is commited to empower every child through education-knowledge, wisdom, skills to succeed in life by becoming fully human and fully alive. Education here at the school is “programmed” to empower to transform himself and transform the world he lives in.

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  • Digital Smart Classrooms

    The Digital Classroom project features information, resources and professional development opportunities to support schools in understanding, planning and developing environments and experiences for students learning in digitally-rich contexts.

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  • Our Labs & Practicals

    The school has well-equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and computer Science. Apart from the practicals prescribed by the P.U. Board, we conduct additional practicals and demonstrations to making teaching and learning more interactive and interesting. Practical Exams as a part of I & II Terminal Examination and Preparatory Examination is our unique feature.

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  • Computer Lab

    Our Computer Lab is equipped with many computers and is open to all students. All computers have access to applications for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. The computers are equipped with network access to allow students to explore the Internet. There are a variety of specialized educational programs also installed in the computers. Students may work in the lab on subject-related projects, under the supervision of respective subject teachers.

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  • Our Library

    The well stocked library, comprises Encyclopaedias, references for every subject, the latest editions of Literary works, mythologies and fictions, Books on competitive exams, personality development and the like. We have subscribed for leading News papers and periodicals in Kannada, English and Hindi. Children are taught to develop love for books and respect for Knowledge from early age. Our library has all kinds of colorful, illustrative and attractive books

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  • Extra Classes

    Remedial classes are conducted for slow-learners after regular college time, where the difficult concepts are taught once-again. Even Kannada language is used to make the concepts more clear which is not allowed in regular classes. These classes are also used to boost the confidence of these students by giving tips on examination. Students are identified and categorised based on their performance and intelligence. Extra-Coaching is given catering to their individual needs.

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Our Mission

To instill into students, a synergy of human values and universal knowledge and evolve them into healthy, intelligent, spiritually, awakened, good world citizens, who will face every challenge in life with integrity and courage.

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