Dr. H Venkatesh - CAO

It gives me great pride and pleasure to write about SIRS in the capacity of CAO which is unique in itself with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to meet the need and requirement of moulding the child of 21st century for an inclusive society. India today has a mission of transforming itself into a developed nation with value system which can be translated and achieved through our youth power that have got the power of idea, ambition, and enthusiasm along with ability. In achieving this mission SIRS  is playing a vital role in building and enriching the talent & resources of the young budding youth of tomorrow in building blocks for transforming India into a developed nation.

At SIRS we are striving to give shape to the above vision with the help of a dedicated team of leaders, administrators, academic planners and competent teachers who are trying their best to fulfill the aspirations of all those who have admitted their children with dreams in their eyes.

Our alumni should make a perfect blend of our rich and varied heritage and culture. Their personalities should exude of being purely Indian with humility, serenity, peace and goodness while adapting the finest qualities of other developed countries.

Our ultimate goal is to sculpture our students into smart, well-bred, disciplined, hardworking, law abiding, patriotic and responsible citizens who have a sense of fair-play, reverence for all religions, respect for elders, veneration for their parents, love for all mankind and above all loyalty for their country.

                                                                     Good Luck

SIRS School