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International Residential

SIRS is very conscious of the quality of its finished product “The Child”. The resultant fruit of an all-round nicely developed and well-balanced personality is harvested by the school after long, onerous, time consuming and tedious hours of labour put in by a competent team of trained, zealous and devoted teachers. 

In a residential school the most challenging and arduous task is to keep the students happy. This entails providing adequate facilities, taking proper care of their health and hygiene, to ensure no kind of bullying exists and to provide them well-balanced and tasty food so that they do not miss home and adjust well to life in a hostel. We constantly aspire and strive to achieve the highest standards in this important aspect of boarding life and are very proud of the efforts made in this direction.

In most institutions children are hushed up and their capabilities and capacities are underestimated. They are hardly given freedom of expression of their mind set, views, opinions and ideas. They are hardly questioned about their aim & ambition in life. But at SIRS our mentors are always informally candid with the pupils to purge out their bottoms. It ultimately makes the process of teaching and learning closer to the hearts of pupils and more spontaneous and enjoyable one.

Sanganabasava International Residential School,Kavalagi

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