Principal'S MESSAGE

Dr. J. S. Rair


                                  To produce a well-rounded, self-confident, positive young person with the following attributes:


  An inquiring and fearless mind.

Respectful of others viewpoints.

Believes in the values of social justice and equality.

Leadership skills across the spectrum-social, political, commercial and cultural.

Ability to stand for others and self.

My personal leadership Vision is aligned with our school’s Vision. Indeed, I am inspired by our school’s Vision and will strive to extend this principle of community further; to realize that by learning and working together with respect, each one of us can achieve our individual potential. As you all are only too aware, our students, staff and families are facing an unprecedented and challenging period. In fact, the educational offerings that we all took for granted are not a practical proposition given the circumstances.

My aim is to provide consistent and high quality education to our students and to extend it even outside and beyond the walls of the school. I am happy to share that we have come up with a Facilitated Virtual Learning Programme for our students by which our students will continue to receive the highest quality of education possible with the resources available to us. I would love to read notable excerpts from Abraham Lincoln’s letter written to his son’s headmaster, worth reading for all stakeholders whether teachers, parents, principals or students.

Further I am pleased to be the part of SIRS family in the capacity of a Parent, Guide, Teacher, Guru and above all as PRINCIPAL. Please allow me to share my vision with you as the principal of this institution. Today, the whole world is grappling with numerous social, religious, political and economic problems. There is violence, hatred, ego, intolerance, impatience and greed everywhere. The root cause of all such problems is “THE FAULTY SCHOOL EDUCATION”. It denotes that we have miserably failed in handling our children properly in the schools. So, the parents have to be very selective and considerable while making choice of a school. In schools we are so involved in teaching our children Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English that we have little time to teach them how to be good, honest, nice, truthful, patriot, bold, confident and sincere. Thus, most schools are making their children literate but not educated. But here at SIRS I will never allow it to happen. Many schools beat the drum of providing “the quality education” to their pupils not knowing what is the quality education is? Hence a school providing an excellent academic environment integrated with large number of value based activities would nicely define quality education. We, teachers and parents have to teach them lessons of dignity of work, dignity of labour, importance of love, courtesy, punctuality, discipline and time management.

Dear parents, my area of attention in school along with academics will be excessive emphasis on the mannerism, habit formation, personal hygiene, personality development, healthy food habits, dress sense, civic sense etc. I wish my students to be the finest specimen of well cultured, successful, well-groomed and vibrant ladies and gentlemen of INDIA. In this regard, I sincerely beg for your support in the form of respecting the school rules, sending back your ward on given time, paying off school fees timely and following school instructions in letter and spirit because your attitude towards school will grossly contribute shaping the personality of your ward. At this juncture, I can assure you that your ward is in safe, secure and the best hands.

Best Wishes

SIRS School