Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe with the motto of “Karyayogave Shivayoga” was established during 1898 with an objective to promote and develop the people of this area socially, educationally and also in art and culture in addition to this the main object was Village Development.  We fail, if we forget to remember the selfless service of great personalities like Vachana Pitamaha Dr. P. G. Halakatti and great saint, philosopher and a education revolutionist Banthanal Shri Sanganabasava Swamiji who has nurtured the Siddheshwar Samsthe with the help of many donators and devotees.

Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe was also interested in the education field. During 1910 the adat merchants and others conducted a meeting under the chairmanship of Vachana Pitamaha  Dr. P. G. Halakatti and started “Bijapur lingayat Shikshan Sangh” Further during 1916 they started Shri Siddheshwar high School. Now all these institutions have merged in the B.L.D.E association. 

Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe has started free hostel facility for poor students during 1918 and continuously worked up to 1970. 

Religious programmes like Puran Pravachan are conducted every year during Shravan by holy swamijis in Shivanubhav Mantap under the management of the Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe and Deepotsava is also done in Shri Siddheshwar temple. 

Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe is celebrating Sankraman Festival in January month from 1918, which is famous in the north Karnataka area. 

Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe has provided three mangal karyalayas

1) Shri Shivanubhav Mantap

2) Shri Siddheshwar Kala Mangal Bhavan

3) Shri Basav Bhavan. All facilities will be provided by Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe. 

Presently the management committee consisting of 15 persons and 7 special invitees have been striving hard for up lift Samsthe under the presidentship of Shri Basanagouda R. Patil (Yatnal) MLA, Vijayapur city.

Shri Siddheshwar Samsthe established during 1898 and completed hundred years in 1998 The Siddheshwar Samsthe has celebrated its century which was created history in the North Karnataka. Samsthe has also celebrated 100 years Birth Anniversary of his holiness Shri Sanganbasava Swamiji of Banthanal, who was a philosopher and worked hard to bring educational revolution and on this great day 27th July 2000, Sri Siddheshwar Samsthe has dreamed to facilitate to build the perfect human values and the socio- cultural heritage of the country. The need of the hour is to build good residential schools. “We require temples of learning and not temples of worship”.

Sri Basanagouda R Patil (Yatnal) MLA, Vijayapur and team has worked hard to bring a dreamt school of Shri Sanganabasava Swamiji in a rural area and named as Sanganabasava International Residential School – Kavalagi. 

Now Samsthe is running various Educational institutions like Sanganabasava International Residential School, Sanganabasava Residential P U College, S. C. Uppin College of Commerce – Kavalagi, Sanganabasava Shishuniketan and Atal Bihari Vajpayee School – Vijayapur.

Samathe is running a free school for needy students and named as “Neelkantheshwar Vidya Mandir”.

Samsthe is working under the vision and mission of its “Karyayogave Shivayoga” and it is expanding various fields and made rapid progress irrespective of caste and creed. It is helping all the creed of society. As a part of its expansion it has introducing various new projects for the benefit of society. “Shri Siddheshwar Foundation” is also one among them. It aims to realize the dreamts of various philosopher and great leaders by starting new projects which are named after those great souls.

·       Shri Eeshwaragpuda R. Patil, DIALYSIS CENTRE, Vijayapur, which is inaugurated by Shri Siddeshwar Swamiji to help the poor people with free Diagnosis facility.

·       Shri Ramanagouda R. Patil, GORAKSHA KENDRA, Kaggod, where nearly 500 Gomata seva goes regularly and Organic Vibhooti are also prepared here.   

·       Krishi Vijnana Seva Kendra, Kaggod is built to help the farmers.

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