Chairman’s Message

  • Ordinarily, “all-round development of the child” is construed to be the primary constituent of a “good education” and this is generally accepted as academic competence coupled with personality development. Hence, a school providing an excellent academic environment integrated with a large number of sports and other co-curricular activities would very nicely fit the definition of a school providing good education.
  • Compared to a day school, boarding schools are far luckier to have the time, inclination and infrastructure to do a lot more in the direction of all-round development. Children get ample opportunities to learn a lot more than just academics. A rigorous routine of physical training, sports, games, hobbies and other co-curricular activities keep students extremely occupied. This well-knit schedule of activities adds to the personality development and smartness of the child and undoubtedly brings them much closer to having acquired an exemplary education. I’m sure all this is part of providing quality education but I personally feel there is something more to it, which needs serious consideration.
  • Education has assisted the world to develop at a phenomenon pace. The world is moving very fast and people have little time for each other. Man has become extremely covetous and greedy. In these times of avariciousness, selfishness, deceit, corruption, intolerance, terrorism, riots, greed and cut-throat competition we need to ponder, search our hearts and introspect, as to whether we can proudly call our children “well educated“. We are fast forgetting the moral and spiritual part of development. Schools rarely have a program related to the teaching of “being good” as opposed to “being successful“, We sure are succeeding in producing rich and “successful” human beings but may not be able to say as much for producing “happy” human beings. Our traditional teaching institutions (home, school and society) are failing miserably in producing ‘good‘ human beings. I envisage, we are moving on the right path toward right destination.